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Z這ty Stok

   ZΜTY STOK - Poland   


 Herb Z這tego Stoku    Z這ty Stok is situated at the foot of the Z這te (Golden) Mountains, 19 km east of K這dzko, at the road from Upper Silesia via K這dzko to the border crossing Kudowa-S這ne. The community area encompasses 76 sq km.
   It is inhabited by a total of 5,200 people, including 3,200 people in the sole town of Z這ty Stok. The community comprises five village administrative units: M彗olno, Laski, Chwalis豉w, B這tnica and P這nica. There are bus connections with all villages of the community. At the motorway leading to Paczk闚 there is a local border crossing to the Czech Republic.

   Z這ty Stok is an important tourist center in the east part of the Sudety mountains, prepared to accept guest from Poland and abroad. The town and the community display industrial and agriculture characteristic. In the forests, consulting 46.2 % of the community territory, areas tree stand with much game have been preserved owing to poor development of industry in this of the Sudety mountain.
   The history of Z這ty Stok is closely connected with mining of gold and arsenic in Lower Silesia. Excavating these ores has over a hundred year long tradition. In the course of research works conducted in the beginning of this century at the outlet of a quarry Z這ty Jar, old mining casings displaying characteristics of constructions used in the former century were found. The first historical document mentioning the existens of the settlement and mining works in the surroundings of Z這ty Stok goes back to 1273. It was the mining privilege granted by Henryk IV Probus to the Cistercian monastery in Kamieniec Z帳kowicki: In the 14th. Century a stormy and changeable period in the history of mining settlement started.
   Z這ty Stok originated as a typical mining town, without any fortifications or defence walls. It most probably received the city rights before 1344. In the town center there is a market square with the town hall. Five picturesque streets set forth from the market often climbing up and down the slopes and built with 18th century buldings.

 mennica (powi瘯sz 52Kb)    In Z這ty Stok only few historical houses been preserved. Two buildings are especially worth attention: an old mint and a so-called "fuggerowski" house. The mint is situated above the market square, at 1 Ko軼ielny square. It is a two-storey building from 1507. The building at the mint was reconstructed in the 17th and 18th century. The "fuggerowska" tenement house is situated in the middle frontage of the Market /20, Market Square/. At the church square there is the 13th century mining St Barbara church. The church was erected in 1217 by miners.
   In the west part of the town, at the Spacerowa street, there is The Neo-Gothic Immaculate Conception parish church. At K這dzka street there is a one-aisle, late Gothic Holy Trinity church erected in 1853 by a mining foreman Kirchpauera.
   Beside the Town Hall in Z這ty Stok there is a monument with a sleeping lion, a memorial of victims of the World War One. One the mount G鏎a Krzy穎wa (so-called Hermit) St Anna's indulgence chapel was built.
   In the village M彗olno, founded in the 13th century by the Cistercian monks from Kamieniec Z帳kowicki, there is Baroque St Maria Magdalena's Church built in the period 1729-32. In the village of Laski with a characteristic ribbon development, there is a Gothic Holy Mary's Assumption church from the 15th -16th century. The Baroque St James' church built in the years 1722-26 is situated in the village Chwalis豉w. In P這nica village there is a late Baroque St Nicolas' church from 1777. In the village of B這tnica (founded about 1300) are remains of a medieval town around witch 11 oaks - monuments of nature grow.

Commune's attraction:

  • Underground "Museum of Gold Mining and Metallurgy - "Gold Mine",
  • Minerals Museum,
  • St Barbara's Church,
  • Neo-Gothic Immaculate Conception parish church,
  • Holy Trinity Church erected in 1583,
  • Mint erected in 1507, gold ducats were made there,
  • St Anna's indulgence chapel,
  • Fawn Hall erected in 1801,
  • Churches in nearby village,
  • Monumental tenements,
  • Metamorphic rocks stone-pit in Z這ty Jar
Touristic routes.
There are 3 walking touristic routes in area of Z這ty Stok:
  1. red - to L康ek Zdr鎩, Radochowska Cave and Paczk闚 (part of dr Or這wicz route)
  2. black - to Bystrzyca K這dzka
  3. green - to Bardo 奸御kie and L康ek Zdr鎩.
Cycling traks.
There are 3 bicykle paths in area of Z這ty Stok:
  1. Szmaragdowa /emerald-green/ - border track, 13.6 km,
  2. Purpurowa /crimson/ - b這tnicka track, 9.2 km,
  3. Oliwkowa /olive/ - track across "Pi耩 dr鏬" and "Bia陰 Drog", 28.7 km.

   Routes are going round the city, they are marked and there are places to bivouac on the routes.
   Huge wealth of commune are woods, there are a lot of pedestrian and bicycle path in there. The complexity of area maker that routes have different rank of difficulty. There are attractive even for the most exacting tourist. At present there are many agrotouristic farm in the neighbouring villages. Hosts invite and spur touristic by sumptuous recreation, accommodation and culinary offert.


Visitors are encouraged to see a collection of souvenirs associated with the ten centuries long history of gold mining in Z這ty Stok. Exhibits are arranged in the old mine.
"Gertruda" drift - 500 meters of galleries with a museum exhibition showing:
- a collection (45 exhibits) of unique maps and plants of mines coming from the period starting from the second half of the 18th century to the first halt to the 20th century,
- melting pots and forms for gold casting used in the local works,
- laboratory instruments from the first half of the 20th century and reagents used for examining are samples,
- mining tools from 16th, 17th and 18th centuries found in old workings,
- wooden cars used for underground transporting the out put,
- a rich collection (approx. 300 exhibits) of minerals occurring in the Sudety mountains.

   "Czarna" ("Black") drift - a route with the length of approx. 200 meters leading along 17th century hand-hewn galleries leads to unique phenomenon, an 8 meters high underground waterfall.
Touristic Service: "Aurum", Z這ty Stok, ul. Z這ta 7;
tel./fax 8175-508, tel. 8175-574, e-mail: [email protected],

  • hotel "Z這ty Jar", pl. Ko軼ielny 2, tel. 8175-286 ,
  • pensjonat "Z這ty Jar", ul. Staszica 20, tel. 8175-178,
  • hotel przy PUT "Kopalnia Z這ta", ul. Z這ta 7, tel. 8175-574 lub 8175-508,
  • O鈔odek POD "Rado嗆 ", ul. 3 Maja, tel. 8175-246
Agrotouristic farms:
  • "U Alberta", M. i B. Parysz, Laski 78, tel. 8177-410, fax. 8321-956, e-mail: [email protected]
  • "Polny bukiet", W. i A. Potemkin, Laski 15, tel. 8177-928
  • "Mateusz", E. Szczepaniak - Chwalis豉w 61, tel. 8177-384, kom. 501 718 706, 501 718 716
  • "Jan", R. Ko這dziej - Chwalis豉w 70, tel. 8177-365,
  • "Trzy koguty", Cz. i M. Potemkin, Laski 153, tel. 8177-905,
  • Gospodarstwo rybackie Ireneusz Waszczuk, Z這ty Stok - kolonia, tel. 8175-439, kom. 607 537 182
Place to bivouac:
  • "Bajcer闚ka" - W豉dys豉w Bajcer, ul. Traugutta.
  • "Z這ty Jar" - ul. Wojska Polskiego 1, tel. 8175-555,
  • Pensjonat "Z這ty Jar" - ul. Staszica 20, tel. 8175-178,
  • "Klubowa", ul. 3 Maja 10, tel. 8175-215,
  • Mini Bar "Apetit" - ul. K這dzka 1 - obok dworca PKS, tel. 8175-017, kom. 604 562 299
  • "Auto-Bar" przy trasie Z這ty Stok-Paczk闚 /przy stacji paliw ELSIN/
  • "Darz B鏎" na trasie Z這ty Stok-Paczk闚,
  • "Pod Lipk", Z這ty Stok, pl. Mickiewicza,
  • "Krokus", Z這ty Stok, ul. 3 Maja
Tel. 0 48 74
Post code: Z這ty Stok, M彗olno, P這nica, B這tnica, Chwalis豉w: 57-250, Laski: 57-251

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